At Cary Gastroenterology, we’ve covered the ins-and-outs of hemorrhoids. But what’s next? Understanding what hemorrhoids are is one thing, but learning how to prevent them is another. Here are several steps you can add into your everyday routines to avoid and reduce symptoms of hemorrhoids.

  • Fill your diet with lots of fiber. This tip may be familiar to most of you, but fiber helps move stool through your digestive tract, keeping your colon healthy. The cleaner your tract is, the less likely you are to receive hemorrhoids.
  • Exercise! The benefits of this tip go without saying. Being active can do wonders for your health. However, with this tip, avoid heavy weight-lifting and improper breathing, as this could add more harm to your body or heighten the chances of receiving hemorrhoids.
  • Drink a lot of water. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends that men should drink at least 13 cups of water per day (104 ounces), while they say women should drink at least 9 cups a day or 72 ounces. Water should alleviate potential symptoms and hopefully help to soften your stool.
  • Go when you have the urge! Let’s not fight our digestive systems and listen to your body when it needs to go to the bathroom.
  • Don’t strain. On the contrary, only go when necessary. Straining can turn internal hemorrhoids into external hemorrhoids.
  • Don’t sit for too long. This can be hard for many of us throughout the workweek, but make sure you get up every so often and walk around or go outside for a quick break. Not only will your joints thank you, but your digestive system will as well.

Combined with a healthy diet, these tips can decrease your chances of getting hemorrhoids. Need help from our specialists? Contact us today for an appointment.