Why is it that women’s always seem to get the raw end of the deal? As luck would have it, that holds true in some aspects of our digestive health. Studies show that more than 4 million Americans suffer from frequent constipation, and you guessed it – women are three times more likely than men to get blocked up.

If you fall into this category, the Women’s Center for GI Health can help. We offer these 8 tips for reducing constipation:

  1. Eat foods with more fiber (whole grains, fruits and veggies).
  2. Stay hydrated! Drink water throughout the day.
  3. Don’t skip meals. A steady intake of food keeps your bowels moving on schedule.
  4. Don’t hold it! When you need to go, go!
  5. Don’t strain when you’re trying to go. This can lead to other problems (like hemorrhoids and rectal tissue protrusion).
  6. Relax, take a deep breath, and take your time on the toilet.
  7. Don’t overdo the laxatives. They can make your bowels less likely to function on their own.
  8. Exercise to keep your body lubricated and keep things moving.

By the way, these tips work for everyone – not just women! If you’d like to learn more, this article from the Women’s Health Foundation provides a nice overview of causes, symptoms and treatments for constipation.

If making these changes in your daily routine doesn’t relieve your constipation, then it’s time to call your doctor. Many women prefer our all-female doctors and staff at the Women’s Center for GI Health in Raleigh. Contact us for women's GI care, or visit our gastroenterology offices in Cary and Holly Springs that treat both men and women.