What’s the relationship between grape extracts and the colon?

They may protect you against colon cancer! Yep. You heard that.

A recent research study concluded that a compound found in grapes suppresses colon cancer stem cells. And as the third leading cause of death from cancer among women and the second in men, colorectal cancer is a pressing GI issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

This study was conducted at the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University in State College, led by Associate Professor, Jairam K. P. Vanamala.

The study examined 52 mice with colon cancer tumors that were divided into three groups, one of which that was given the grape compound. Ultimately the researchers found that the number of tumors in the mice that were given the grape compound decreased by 50%.

Although this finding is rather recent and not extensively supported, it does shed light on the cancer research world as a potential prevention method for colon cancer. In addition, Vanamala suggests consuming a vast range of fruits and vegetables daily to help with preventing other conditions in addition to colon cancer.

So, what’s next?

For now, maintaining a healthy and varied diet is a good start. Next, researchers hope that their findings will translate to the human trials that will soon be conducted. The specific combination of resveratrol and grape seed extract in a tablet like a pill would be a potential prevention supplement that could be created if the trials prove as successful.