As June is National Men’s Health month, vitamins are a great first step in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamins are no longer that simple gummy bear your parents used to give you when you were little. And for most of us, gone are the days of being blessed with a rapid metabolism or an immune system that is unfailing. Luckily, vitamins can be your new best friend. Men, listen up because here are some basic vitamins you should have in your medicine cabinet.


This suggestion may be quite obvious, but as some of you may know, many of us do not get the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals necessary from our food due to things such as mass food production and processing. Taking a multivitamin daily is a way to fill those gaps that your diet may be omitting. Additionally, it can ensure that you are receiving your nutrients consistently and maintaining a proper cellular efficiency. This article can offer you some great tips on selecting the best multivitamin for yourself and specific needs.


If you aren’t willing to ingest significant amounts of yogurt or other foods high in probiotics, this supplement is especially helpful for you. Responsible for maintaining a proper digestive system and balancing hormones, taking probiotics can alleviate some symptoms you may frequently be experiencing. Benefits of taking a probiotic can include: boosting your immune system, preventing and treating urinary tract infections, healing certain conditions such as IBS and much more.

Fish Oil

Think of fish oil as the coconut oil supplement for your internal health. Just as coconut oil seems to be the solution to most of your cosmetic needs, fish oil can provide you with loads of benefits as well. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this supplement has proven to be great for heart health, maintaining a healthy weight, promoting good vision, reducing inflammation, having good skin and promoting good bone health. Fish oil is one of the most frequently consumed supplements daily, so it can be found pretty much anywhere that sells vitamins.

Vitamin D

Lastly, vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, is best for maintaining good calcium rates and healthy bones and teeth. Some unexpected benefits of taking vitamin D regularly are that it can fight diseases as well as reduce depression. Even if you are exposed to the sun frequently, taking this vitamin can give you some great additional health benefits.

For a more in-depth and descriptive list of what vitamins you should take depending on your age or health aspirations, we love this informative article from Men’s Fitness.