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Online Care For Your Digestive Needs

Telemedicine is Here

If you are experiencing any GI symptom (a sampling of which are listed here) and do not want to come in-person, contact us today to schedule a telemedicine appointment. Our telemedicine visits enable you to safely have an appointment with a physician in the comfort of your home. Similar to an in-person visit, our physicians can address your concerns and questions. 

Existing patients and new patients alike are able to receive a treatment care plan via telemedicine for presenting problems, with physicians ordering labs and radiology as needed. Our physicians use a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform that is user-friendly and can be used on a smartphone or computer. There are no downloads required—simply click a link and allow access to your microphone and video. 

How Are Visits Scheduled?

Existing patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment using the patient portal, while new patients may contact us through our online appointment request form. Both existing and new patients alike may also call us at 919-816-4948 (option #3). Once your appointment is scheduled, our medical assistant will call—often within 48 hours of your visit—to conduct a medical review to pave the way for a successful telemedicine appointment.

What Can I Expect During My Visit?

On the day of your telemedicine appointment, you will receive a text or email from the physician inviting you to your visit. Simply click the link to enter a virtual waiting room; once the physician enters, he or she will click on your name and your visit will begin. You will be able to both see and hear one another. Expect the physician to ask you to identify yourself, and they will do the same. All visits are conducted in private with no other individuals present. 

What is the Cost of a Telemedicine Visit?

At this time, we are filing all claims to insurance for processing and will manage collections of copay/coinsurance after processing. Because coverage for telemedicine visits is varied between insurance plans, it is not possible to know the exact payment processing rules for all plans. It is also possible to self-pay for your visit. 

What if I Need a Procedure?

As of mid-June, we are now scheduling all procedures, including colonoscopies. 

Existing Patients: Request An Appointment

New Patients: Request an Appointment