Hemorrhoids can often be very bothersome and embarrassing to discuss, so if you think you may be experiencing them all too frequently pay attention to these habits that may be causing them to flare up.

Only Using The Bathroom At Your House

Although there is an added relief by using the restroom in the comfort of your own home, don’t fight the urge to go. If you are out and about and have to use the bathroom, go! In the long run, when you restrain your bowel movements, this could encourage hemorrhoids to flare up.

Sitting On The Toilet For Prolonged Periods Of Time

This comes as no surprise to some, but the longer you sit on the toilet, the greater chance of developing hemorrhoids. That’s why you should leave your meditation or newspaper reading to outside the bathroom, and only sit for what’s necessary while on the toilet.

Not Eating A High-Fiber Diet

Fiber naturally leads to more bowel movements, so the more fiber you consume, the more regular and smooth your bowel movements should become.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

If you frequently consume alcohol, then this will inevitably cause your body to become dehydrated. Dehydration can contribute to problems such as hemorrhoids because it bothers your digestion and bowel movements. This also correlates with not ingesting enough water. Be sure to stay hydrated, and drink plenty of water to avoid further complications.

Consuming Too Much Sugar

The more sugar that you consume, the more likely you may become constipated and have difficulty using the bathroom. If constipation occurs, it significantly increases your risk of receiving hemorrhoids.

Although many things can be tweaked to improve your diet and lifestyle, the routines above are some of our simplest fixes. By changing these daily routines and creating new habits, this will hopefully lessen your chance of developing hemorrhoids in the future.