Discussing your bowel movements can be embarrassing. We get that a lot. As gastroenterologists, we talk about constipation, irritable bowels, diarrhea and more – day in and day out. For us it's easy, but for most people, not so much.

Thankfully, Plugged-Up Paulie, Waterworks Wally and their friends are here to help. A pharmaceutical drug company has just introduced a family of "poop emojis" to help people understand and describe their bowel movements.

It may seem silly and perhaps a bit crass, but in reality the nature of your poop (refer to the Bristol Stool Chart) can reveal much about your digestive health. Normal-looking stools can be an indication of a well-functioning GI system, good nutrition, balanced hormones and strong muscles. Hard stools or diarrhea, if experienced routinely, could be a concern. Irregular poop could mean you're not getting the nutrients you need in your diet, or your body is reacting to stress. Perhaps you need to drink more water or exercise more. Or maybe you have a more serious issue, such as a food allergy or stomach ulcer.

If you have concerns about your bowel movements, make an appointment to see one of our gastroenterologists. We're here to help, and you can trust us to make poop talk easy.

Or if you just want the poop emojis, look for "Poop Troop Emoji Keyboard" on iTunes or Google Play.